Mordmysterier: A fatal Christmas

Mordmysterier: A fatal Christmas

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En julig mordgåta på engelska för den internationella julfesten! Kan dina gäster lista ut vem som är mördaren på “Garland Manor”?

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Mordmysterier: A fatal Christmas ENGELSKA


Har du ett internationellt gäng på julfesten? Då finns vår julmordgåta “En livsfarlig jul” också på engelska!

Welcome to Garland Manor where the Garland family will get together for their traditional Christmas celebrations during the holidays! However, all plans of a peaceful Christmas are quickly abandoned in favour of a day of lies, intrigue, betrayal – and murder! Detective Inspector Winter comes to Garland Manor to catch a murderer. Can your guests figure out who it is?

“A fatal Christmas” is a clever, fun, and solvable murder mystery. The murder mystery requires no costumes or acting skill by the guests, but is a clever murder mystery that everyone, regardless of the number of guests, can participate in and solve. If you want, you can divide the guests into pairs or teams that solve the murder mystery together. Each participant, couple or team will be handed a booklet with introduction, cast list, a sketch of the house, Garland Manor, and a page for notes on clues and questions.

A narrator reads the story. “A Fatal Christmas” has four short chapters. The idea is to divide up the murder mystery throughout the evening and read the different chapters at different times, for example during a Christmas party, or between courses at dinner. At the end, everyone gets to reveal who they think the killer is, and how it all happened. In the end, the narrator reveals the whole course of events with the help of the resolution – inspector Winter’s Classic “gathering in the library” – just as in a classic mystery.

“A Fatal Christmas” is set during Christmas time and is perfect as entertainment for your own Christmas celebrations – at the Christmas party with your colleagues, an informal gathering at home, with relatives and friends during the Christmas holidays or as a different kind of New Year’s dinner with murder!

You will receive everything necessary to implement the Christmas murder mystery: a concise guide for the host, booklets for all participants, the plot, and the resolution. The murder mystery is delivered by e-mail and can be downloaded immediately upon ordering, and you print out as many copies as you need of the different parts.

Mordgåtan finns så klart också på svenska – du hittar den här>>

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